About Shane Staley Modern Furniture

Furniture making became my primary interest after spending a decade studying and practicing architecture in Chicago.  After spending all that time focusing on creating designs for others to build, I needed to get into a shop and build projects with my own hands.  It was then that I decided to head to Maine and attend the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, and learn the craft of hand-built wood furniture making.  Now I have settled in Seattle where I am setting up shop.

I have a distinct modern design sense, which I owe largely to living and studying in Chicago at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  As a furniture builder, I desire a flavor of modernism that emphasizes wood as the main medium, which helps bring it into the residential setting.  I am drawn to the Danish Modern period where I find everything I love about modern design fused with the warmth of wood.

Now that I am creating my own designs, I find myself referencing the Danish and MidCentury aesthetic, but I try to create something uniquely my own.

All of my designs posted are available on a per-order basis, and if you see a design you would like to tweak, please contact me and we can discuss the possibilities!

Thanks for visiting my site,

Shane Staley