New Designs

Published: 27 February 2012,on Blog

I realize my website has only a few built items, and that few of them really appear as “furniture”, so I have been thinking up some new designs to try and show my interests and what I am capable of.  I’ve been working on a credenza in a style similar to the nightstand that I built this summer.  This has been on my mind for a long time that can be used as a media cabinet for stereo and speakers, music/movie storage, TV stand, etc. This is a prime example of my mid-century inspirations.

Following this design, I would like to make a sideboard for liquor and glassware.

Of course, I also have some coffee table designs and matching or similar end tables in mind.  Below is a 3D image of one design I am particularly excited about, and hope to develop and expand it to other related pieces.

I envision it to be walnut and maple, with drawers that push and pull from both sides.  I am still deciding what sort of joinery to employ, as I think through dovetails might be too expressive for this modern shape… but I love exposing the joinery, so we’ll see what works out best.  I’ve designed a matching end table/magazine rack, and I am working on some larger designs that could carry on the theme of the design.

I’ll check back in with more ideas as they come to me.  I really hope this month I get to focus on one or two and really start building!

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