Seattle Furniture Builder’s club?

Published: 15 January 2012,on Blog

I recently met Tom Lee at Ballard Woodworks and we discussed the unfortunate fact that there is no general club for furniture makers in Seattle that opens its doors and membership to anyone looking to talk furniture.  In Chicago, I was a member of the Chicago Furniture Designer’s Association, who had monthly meetings and even arranged gallery showings several times a year in and around Chicago.  The meetings generally started with a business agenda and followed with a varying main program consisting of lectures by seasoned woodworkers, show and tell of members’ recent work, or the occassional field trip to a shop to see how a particular crafts-person works.  This was a great outlet for discussing your ideas and gaining inspiration from others.  It was also a wonderful way to meet the community of woodworkers and learn about ways to get your work seen.

The idea of starting a program like this from scratch is a daunting one that Tom said he investigated once.  He said it is a full-time job to try to get it going, and that it’s nearly impossible for one person to pull off on their own, but I would be willing to participate in getting it off the ground if others have the motivation.  Being new to the city, I do not have a feel for local galleries or shows, and I know a total of about five woodworkers, but perhaps I can bring some ideas to the table to help get us started.

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